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Amara 960 Watt Premium MPPT Off-Grid Solar System

Amara 960 Watt Premium MPPT Off-Grid Solar System

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Amara 960 Watt Premium MPPT Off-Grid Solar System

Model Number: AMARA960-P

Array Size (STC): 640 Watt

Daily Production Estimate Regular Kit: 4.2 kWh

Daily Production Estimate Regular Kit: 5.46 kWh

Off-grid solar PV systems, are one of the most economical ways to provide electricity in the absence of an electrical power grid. Off-grid systems are useful for remote homes and cabins, RVs and boats, and even for industrial applications like remote telemetry, cathodic protection, and telecommunications and more ( see full list of Off-Grid applications ). The size of an off-grid solar electric system depends on the amount of power that is required (watts), the amount of time it is used (hours), and the amount of energy available from the sun in a particular area (sun-hours per day). Off-grid power systems are designed differently than grid-tie systems. With a typical grid-tie system, sizing calculations are based on the yearly average peak sun-hours available at the site, and are used to offset the annual power consumption drawn from the utility grid. With an off-grid system design, the calculations are usually based on the peak sun-hour figures for the darkest month of the year, rather than the yearly average, in order to provide sufficient on-site power year-round. In locations where it is not practical to install a PV power system that will provide 100% autonomy during the darkest time of the year, a generator may be used to help run loads and charge the battery bank, or if site conditions allow, other energy producing systems, such as wind or micro-hydroelectric turbines can be used to supplement the PV array. Off-grid power system design is complex, and these systems require specialized inverters, charge controllers, and battery banks.

Please contact the Solar Power Your Life for our Technical Support Team for system design assistance.



160 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel


MidNite Solar MNPV Combiner Box


MidNite Solar 50 Amp DC Bracker


60 Amp 12/24/48V MPPT Charge Controller


60 Amp Charge Controller Display


MidNite Solar Battery Capacity Meter


30’ (ft) Solar PV Cable with MC4 connectors, Black


30’ (ft) Solar PV Cable with MC4 connectors, Red


50’ (ft) Solar PV Cable, Black


MC4 Connectors


MC Assembly tool


Cable Clips


Sample Off-Grid System diagram


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Weight 30 lbs